Friday, October 26, 2007

Agitated animals aggravate agents

Posted @ 12:54 PM

They face challenges every day but dealing with frightened animals during the wildfire crisis proved a bit daunting for even the most seasoned Border Patrol agents who rescued some 136 animals during the wildfire crisis.

One agent was bit on the finger by a parrot, another was dragged down the road by a donkey and another had to deal with a frightened goat that kept spitting water from a bucket as the agent tried to save it.

The menagerie also includes horses, dogs, cats, a potbellied pig, a steer and even a llama.

The agents, who are staged at the Lakeside Rodeo ground, used four Border Patrol trailers to rescue the pets.
Supervisory Border Patrol Agent Shawn Gisler reflected, "It wasn't always easy."

-Debbi Farr Baker, staff writer

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Carol said...

You know what they say about cornering frightened animals. The nicest, friendliest pet in the whole world will fight when cornered and frightened. It's not at all surprising that this was a difficult job.