Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Teenager in transit

Posted @ 7:12 PM

Danny Cholagh, 17, has been evacuated three times in 30 hours. The first time was from Jamul, where he'd been visiting a friend.

Danny went to his mom's house in Spring Valley yesterday, but just a few hours later was forced onto the roads again, this time to Rancho San Diego. This afternoon the Harris Fire nomad and his duffel bag were in transit again, this time to the Spring Valley neighborhood near Steele Canyon High School, where he is a senior.

Danny was looking forward to going home, "having my room back, not being all over the place, scrambling and not knowing what's happening," he said, just after a CHP officer had driven through the neighborhood recommending that people have their cars packed.

Danny was already prepared. The duffel bag had his toothbrush, phone charger, pants and boxers.

-- Chris Moran

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