Monday, October 22, 2007

At Del Mar Racetrack, a job interview on the fly

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It was an unlikely time and place for a job interview.

Wanda Shurson, an out-of-work project manager helped her friend Robin Walker move Walker's horses from Ramona last night, and brought them to the Del Mar Racetrack.

This morning, Shurson's cell phone rang: A company in Texas was calling to potentially hire her and wanted to conduct an interview over the phone.

Company officials were uncertain whether she would want to relocate; they asked if Shurson realized that they were calling from Texas.

"Do you realize that I'm in the middle of a natural disaster right now?" she replied.

They didn't seem to grasp what she was saying and again asked if she could answer some interview questions.

"Really, I can't," she insisted.

After the phone call, Shurson started thinking about her future. While she had been helping evacuate the horses, her own San Elijo Hills neighborhood was being evacuated.

She can't go home and doesn't know if her house is standing.

"God has his ways and I guess he's telling me something," Shurson said.

At this point, she's inclined to take the job in Texas.

– Peter Rowe

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