Wednesday, October 24, 2007

'This store is the heart of the community'

Posted @ 4:18 PM

In the midst of the Harris fire chaos a little thing like the reopening of the Lyons Valley Trading Post brings back a sense of normalcy to this small community.

As soon as the locks came off the trading post and the doors were thrown open it was a calming sense for Teresa Arden. Arden is one of the valley's residents who did not leave in the face of the fire.

The trading post is her lifeline. It is where she shops, but more importantly, in the days of fires and evacuations, it is where she gets her news.

"This store is the heart of the community," she said, moments after store owner Bob Johnston popped open the locks.

Arden immediately grabbed an energy drink, settled into the store and started talking with friends.

Just behind Arden were firefighters and a handful of residents who eagerly scooped up drinks and snacks.

It pleased Johnston to see his neighbors … and to lend a helping hand.

"I couldn't keep the store closed," he said. "People have to have a place to come for news and for each other."

-- David Hasemyer

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Laura Drexler said...

Thank you for posting this. When I first moved to San Diego in Jan 04, I began training for a triathlon. One of the rides we would take was from Eastlake to Honey Springs to Lyons Valley, back to the 94. How many times have I been climbing Honey Springs Rd, knowing that if I could just make it to Four Corners, then to the store, I would make the ride. It became not only a destination, but a physical representation of determination.

I've been watching the news so closely... wanting to know it were still there, asking anyone I knew for updates on Lyons Peak, and fearing the worst.

Knowing the store is still there, still thriving... well, it's like finding out the friend you thought might have perished is still there waiting for you. I'm a mess for all the tears running down my face in relief. And as soon as I can, I'll be back there on my bike. :)

May God bless and protect the firefighters and all of you. Thank you. Thank you so much.