Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Governor visits Harris fire evacuees

Posted @ 9:23 PM

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's visit to evacuees of the Harris fire at Steele Canyon High School tonight qualified as a happening. Especially at a place where people have been sleeping on cots for three days.

Before the governor's news conference, a man on a cell phone exclaimed, "I just took a picture with Geraldo Rivera!" Evacuees then settled in next to the bank of cameras positioned for the news briefing.

The governor first toured part of the school. Evacuees and volunteers applauded his entry into a courtyard, where he rubbed the back of 2-year-old Aaron Medina and leaned in to within inches of his face.

Aaron was in the arms of his grandfather, Francisco Hidalgo, who evacuated his five-bedroom trailer on Lake Barrett Sunday and presumes it is lost.

Hidalgo said the governor warned him to beware of unscrupulous claims adjusters. Hidalgo said he didn't have the heart to tell Schwarzenegger that he didn't even have insurance.

- Chris Moran

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