Monday, October 29, 2007

Crews clear trees, check power poles in Dulzura

Posted @ 4:35 PM

DULZURA -Maintenance crews with the county of San Diego were clearing trees from Barrett Lake Road in Dulzura and assessing damaged trees Monday.

Further down the road, SDG&E workers were checking poles that had burned and replacing them, hoping to get power back on for Dulzura residents as soon as possible.

Officially, SDG&E told residents that power should be back on by Nov. 7. As with the telephone poles along Barrett Lake Road, it was hit-and-miss for homes as well. One home on top of a large mesa, with a white Spanish-style design, was untouched, but at least three nearby homes were completely destroyed, including one that had a stack of new red roof tiles sitting nearby unscathed.

Fire damaged nearly every building on the last property before hitting the lake. Two horses and SDG&E workers appeared to be the only living things in sight. At least three bridges leading to homes on the other side of a dry riverbed along Barrett Lake Road, which alternated between dirt and asphalt, were burned.
-Janine Zuniga

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