Wednesday, October 24, 2007

KPBS back on the air on its own frequency

Posted @ 12:52 PM

Public-radio station KPBS FM went back to broadcasting on its 89.5 frequency about 7 this morning after losing its signal yesterday morning.

When the Harris fire caused the station to lose power to its Mount San Miguel transmitter, local alternative-music outlet FM 94.9 began airing KPBS's wall-to-wall fire coverage in lieu of its usual programming. Since then, KPBS has been able to install a temporary antenna on the tower atop the KPBS building at San Diego State University, and the 89.5 frequency is back on the air.

The station's news coverage can also be heard on the Web at and on 97.7 in Calexico.

Meanwhile, FM 94.9 is back to playing alternative rock. Might we suggest a rousing rendition of David Bowie's "Heroes"?

- Karla Peterson

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