Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Residents stay put

Posted @ 9:40 AM

In the San Miguel Ranch neighborhood in Chula Vista, residents stood on a ridge and watched a line of fire about 200 yards from their home. A voluntary evacuation order was issued last night, but no mandatory order has been issued.

Resident Rolando Jarin said he was staying until a mandatory order came.

“We’re trying to wait it out until they tell us to leave,” he said.

He said he’d been up all night. He took his two youngest children, ages 10 and 14, to relatives, but he, his wife and his 16-year-old son remained at their house.

“This is awful,” he said. "We didn’t know it was going to expand this far and this fast.”

--Anne Krueger


Anonymous said...

Get your wife and son out of there the girls need you.

Anonymous said...

How stupid can some people be?? I didn't wait for an evacuation notice, as soon as I saw flames nearing my home this morning, I woke up my kids and jumped in the car and got the heck out of dodge!!! NOTHING is worth our lives....

Anonymous said...

My husband refused to leave our home so I took my kids and said "See ya!" our community has been evacuated and he's the only dumb a_ _ still there! I sure wasn't going to wait..I have my kids and that's what matters!

The Webbs said...

WE moved from Lakeside last year.
As we sit here glued to the tv watching the news in SD county we pray for rain, and all of the lives of San Diego County and beyond who are suffering with all these "acts of nature". Our parents who live in South bay and friends in North county, we are hoping that you may see this blog and call us an let us know you are ok. EVERYONE IS IN OUR PRAYERS.