Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Family rounds up goats that broke out during fire

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Del Dios Highway east of Rancho Santa Fe was eerily quiet Tuesday afternoon. But near Rancho Del Rio, several people crouched over three bleating goats who lay by the roadway, their legs tied with rope.

The animals had broken free of their pen nearby and scattered. Neighbors corraled them, and now stood over them, stroking their backs and rubbing their ears in an effort to calm them.

"We're just trying to get them back in their pens," said Chip Cogle, 38.

Men in the group carefully lifted the animals over a white vinyl fence and down a small slope to their pens.

The landscape had been blackened by fire the day before and spots still smoldered. But it appeared fire was finished here.

For Olivia Jacobs, 17, this was only the latest of several animal rescues since early Monday.

She and her family had saved two of their horses, Ruby and Badger, yesterday. The animals were now at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. "We were the last ones to get animals out," she said of her family's successful effort to walk the horses out of their burning neighborhood … down
Del Dios Highway to El Camino del Norte.

Once the horses were safe, she and the rest of her family returned to their house later in the day Monday and saved it from the flames.

"We were mini-fire fighters until 11 o'clock," she said.

- Bruce Lieberman

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