Monday, October 22, 2007

Fairgrounds holding 500 evacuees and expecting more

Posted @ 1:33 PM

By noon, the Del Mar Fairgrounds evacuation site held at least 500 people,
and more were coming.

Fairgrounds officials are ready to open all building and exhibit halls to
evacuees, but they are asking for donations of pillows, blankets, air
mattresses and other items to make people comfortable. Also, the property is
not equipped to feed people.

A steady stream of people entered the fairgrounds all morning. Many pulled
rolling suitcases behind them. They also carried dogs and cats in crates.

At one point, a long line of horse trailiers wrapped around the facility as
people waited up to two hours to temporarily stable their horses. By 9:30
a.m., the horse facilities were full, and officials had to direct people to
stables in Orange County.

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