Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Putting a smile on their faces

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Hello everyone!

My name is Joan Marie Hurwit and I am a senior at SDSU and member of SDSU's I Eta Pi's Improv team and the National Comedy Theatre College Team. This is just a brief notice to let you know what some students are up to while we are excused from school for the next several days.

My boyfriend and I went to volunteer at Qualcomm Stadium today (as we have already packed and are driving around with almost everything we own!)

There are so, so many people there -- sleeping on cots, sharing food, mediating with yoga, listening to local musicians, watching movies on the stadium screen ... It was wonderful to see the children's art centers set up and a pile of stuffed animals next to a sign that said "Take one friend!"

Although I teach children in swim, gymnastics, and dance, my lack of certification with a school district prevented us from helping in that area. Otherwise, they didn't need any more immediate civilian help. As we were leaving I thought, "Well, since we can't help now, what is the best way we can volunteer and serve the community?"

Well, obviously the answer is to perform, to entertain.

I wanted to set up a form of FUN FAMILY entertainment to temporarily relieve and distract people from the destruction beyond the stadium. I called friends from schools and improv teams all around San Diego and we are putting on free shows tomorrow at Qualcomm Stadium (Gate B) at 2,3, and 4p.

In a time of such disparity and loss, the least we can do is temporarily relieve stress and pain by making people laugh and spreading smiles.

We witnessed so much hope today, and if the world can continue to laugh, the world can continue to heal : )

It would be great if you joined us tomorrow!

Furthermore, I hope this email finds you and all of your families in the safest conditions.

Best wishes are always with you.

-- Joan Marie Hurwit

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