Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Packing up

Posted @ 5:46 PM

Phileshia Mooney, a Scripps Chula Vista employee, rearranged items
Tuesday in the trunk of her car in the parking lot of her Otay Mesa apartment

Mooney made room for her sister's wheelchair and four days worth of
clothing and rations for her daughter and sister, if forced to evacuate.
Mooney had a 12-hour shift that began at 7 p.m. She said if evacuated before
then she would go to the hospital, where officials offered accommodations for
employees and their families.

A voluntary evacuation was still in effect in the late afternoon from Main
Street to the border.

Mooney said her sister and 16-year-old daughter, Michel-le, are asthmatic. Both were staying indoors and wearing masks. Mooney said Michel-le was upset because she doesn't want to miss her school's homecoming dance next weekend.

"She just got her dress," said Mooney, as white ashes fell around her face.

- Janine Zuniga

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