Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Spared once, homes fall to flames Tuesday

Posted @ 2:31 PM

Homes that escaped the Harris fire Sunday along Honey Springs Road in Dearhorn Valley east of Jamul fell to its flames Tuesday.

Firefighters from as far away as Lake Tahoe fought against the fire, scrambling to pockets of burning brush and flaming homes.

Some homes they tried to save, while others were too consumed by fire to even try.

At one home, in the 2100 block of Honey Springs that had obviously burned earlier, heavy streams of water did nothing to quell the flames.

Fire spilled from under the eaves of the wood-framed house while ugly grey smoke billowed from roof vents.

Firefighters had to work around the blackened debris left behind days earlier.
It was finally hopeless and they turned their water on a nearby propane tank.

Dave Hasemeyer

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