Monday, October 29, 2007

Dulzura couple return to find home intact

Posted @ 4:59 PM

DULZURA - James and Cora Kyser, who have lived in their home on Barrett Lake Road for 30 years, dug a hole Saturday when they returned home and buried everything from their refrigerator.

"Milk, butter, eggs, meat," Cora Kyser said, "it was all bad.

Kyser said they had been eating canned food from their shelves as well as bread and apples given to them by the Red Cross.

Kyser, who has a ministry in Mexico, said she had had only a glass of water and a piece of a bagel by 2 p.m. Monday. She said, "I'm not hungry. I'm OK."

Kyser was more concerned with cleaning up. She and her husband worked most of the day sweeping up debris. She placed a few gallons of water in the sun and was getting ready to use them to bathe.

The couple raised their children at the home and said they weren't going to let the fire scare them.

"I trust the Lord to keep us, and he did," Kyser said. "It burned all along the mobile home park and onto our property, but our house made it. I wasn't afraid."
-Janine Zuniga

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