Tuesday, October 23, 2007

For horses, a refuge in a Pacific Beach yard

Posted @ 12:25 PM

Evacuated from their stable in fire-threatened Poway, two horses have taken up residence in - of all places - a yard in Pacific Beach about a mile from the ocean.

Hank, age three, and Destiny, 33, arrived yesterday (Monday), evacuated by their owner, Amy Whidden-Winter. She brought them to her mother's Pacific Beach home along with her husband, daughter, other family members and dog.

"We wanted to all stay together and have our animals with us," said Whidden-Winter. She and her mother, Gwen Whidden, slept outside last night near the horses.
The four-footed fire refugees are attracting considerable attention from adults and children in the residential beach community.

"When everything was so bleak, it was so heartening to see those two big beautiful horses," said neighbor Robin Cruise. "It just made me feel better."

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