Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Firefighting 101

Posted @ 1:24 PM

Spring Valley resident Robert "Beto" Monroy, 21, got a lesson in firefighting this morning when he went to Lyons Valley Road near Jamul to check on his parents' house.
The area has been evacuated, but Monroy knows the backroads and snuck back in. When he arrived at the one-story yellow stucco home, he saw flames coming perilously close from the valley.
He quickly joined five or six firefighters from Coronado, using a small trash can to douse the bushes with water, running a house over the property and directing the firefighters.
Crews managed to keep the fire at bay and save the home. Monroy said "it was really worth it" to check back on the home, and that it "wouldn't be bad" to be a firefighter.

-- Ray Huard

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