Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Harmony Grove firefighters watch blaze warily

Posted @ 4:20 PM

Volunteer firefighters from the Elfin Forest/Harmony Grove Fire Department had their eyes on the hills as a fire burned out of control over a ridge near near the Del Dios community.

So far the only resources available to the firefighters Tuesday afternoon were four fire engines and a brush truck. They were focusing on spraying homes with foam and water, getting prepared in the event that the fire came down into their community.

The big fear, they said, is that the fire could hook around the ridge and burn down to the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve and the canyon below. The canyon runs into Rancho Santa Fe near the Bridges development.

Most of the residents here have already evacuated, however, there are a few people in the Harmony Grove area in who have refused to go.

Posted by Kristina Davis

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