Monday, October 22, 2007

Evacuees gather at Mira Mesa High

Posted @ 6:19 PM

More than 1,150 people had checked into the Mira Mesa High School evacuation center as of 4 p.m. and more were trickling in.

The parking lot was full. People set up tents and parked RVs in the lot. It looked like a camp-out, but no one was smiling.

Gloria Reyes of Poway, who is pregnant, got here at 3 p.m. with 12 people in her extended family. They were told there were no more beds and were given folding chairs.

The Castro family of Ramona were the first ones to arrive last night from downtown Ramona.

"We don't know anything. We just sit and wait," said Myra Casto, 15.

The shelter has given out Play-Doh, crayons and coloring to all the children. Donated pizzas and other food are also available.

Red Cross officials said there is a heavy concentration of senior citizens at the shelter.

-- Lisa Petrillo

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